If you have a slugger in the house, frame the ticket stubs from the big game, a souvenir program, uniform, and a photo of the winning hit, pitch or catch.

For cub scouts, frame their badges, ribbons, and photos in their scout uniform.

Honor the ballerina in your life by framing the recital program and photographs, ballet slippers and costumes.  

Nothing makes a child feel more important than a framed collage of their achievements hung proudly in the home. 

Preserve those treasures to keep them safe from the wear and tear of time.

Get ready to frame your precious treasures . . .

Past, Present and Future ~ These are or will be special times that could be frozen in time with our help.  From January through December, special occasions, seasons and holidays hold many memories to have framed.  New Year's Day resolutions, Valentine's Day tokens of love, spring school concerts, high school proms, weddings, Mother's and Father's Day, summer vacations, back-to-school days, fall football games, and all of the December gift-giving holidays.

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We are a strong supporter of Environmentally-Friendly

Polycore (not plastic) picture frame mouldings.

See our Picture Mouldings page for information on this alternative to wood frames.