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Picture Frame Lights - Battery Operated, Cordless, Direct Wire, House of Troy

Picture Frame Lights Woburn MA - New England Picture Frames & Mouldings

We offer the complete line of House of Troy™ picture frame lights to help you illuminate your artwork and memorabilia so their beauty and detail will be vividly displayed.  Picture frame lighting can also help you create the perfect mood for your room.  From the bright white light of the halogen bulbs to the more subdued and controlled lighting of the other lights offered, the mood of a room can be cool and active or warm and mellow.  With the right lighting, you can add a focal point to a room, jazz up a corner, create a dramatic mood, zoom in on special objects, or make a room feel larger. 

Cordless picture lights give you the freedom to place your artwork anywhere you please.  Lights fitted with the latest LED technology do not emit heat or ultraviolet rays, operate at a warm temperature range, and draw about ten percent of the power used by conventional picture lights.

Please view our offerings of BATTERY OPERATED, CORDED, and DIRECT WIRE Picture Lights and some of the other lights we have available, and then give Paul Scola a call at 1-781-281-1095 or 1-781-929-8136 to place your order.  We do NOT take orders through our website because we WANT to talk with you to fill your order.


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Mounting hardware & easy-to-follow instructions are included with all picture lights and installation only takes a few minutes using basic tools to attach the hardware to the frame or wall.

In addition to the fine line of picture lights, we offer the entire House of Troy™ lighting line for you to choose from, all at affordable prices. These include table, desk, wall, and floor lights, as well as a fine selection of piano lights.

Manufacturing lighting products for over fifty years and shipping from their facility in Hyde Park, Vermont, House of Troy™ is a well known and respected name in the lighting industry.  Their Classic and Slim-Line picture lights are made in Vermont and have been recognized as the industry standard, known for their quality, craftsmanship and reliability.  Their Advent products are sourced worldwide and are engineered for affordability and simplicity of design.  They are quality constructed to assure lasting performance. 


House of Troy Picture Light Finishes

Classic and Slim-line picture lights are offered in the most popular finishes. The antique and weathered brass finishes are applied, then rubbed by hand to achieve the proper effect. For this reason, there are slight surface variations which are expected and desirable.
The highest quality solid brass is used in hand cutting the shades.
#61 Polished Brass finish is polished and buffed for a reflective quality. A coat of clear lacquer is applied to protect and seal the finish.
#51 Satin Brass is a matte, burnished brass, finished in a flat protective lacquer.
#56 Statuary Bronze has a translucent lacquer to give the shade a tawny metallic finish. 
Finished patinas are achieved by coloring solid brass with an application of acid oxide. All of the oxidized finishes are protected with a finish coat of matte lacquer.
#71 Antique Brass is an oxidized finish, darkened, then partially rubbed away, leaving dark highlights throughout.
#91 Oil Rubbed Bronze is their darkest oxidized finish, its rich metallic tones are an industry standard.
#76 Weathered Brass is prepared leaving slight surface variations and lightly dipped to create a natural, aged appearance.
Picture lights painted with finishes that most suit the frames they will highlight. All of the painted finishes are opaque.
#1 Gold has the look of pale gold leaf.
#5 Bronze is a rich milk chocolate hue.
#31 Pewter is a matte gray, gun metal finish.
#81 Mahogany Bronze is a deep shade of brown, he darkest bronze painted finish.
A two step application is used to achieve the textured finishes of these lights. First, a base coat of textured lacquer is applied, giving an uneven, distressed appearance. Then, lights are finished with a highligh coat of gold or silver.
#2 Wrinkled Gold or #42 Wrinkled Platinum results in an aged, old world look.
The two plated finishes give the classic shades a more contemporary feel and protects from surface marring.
#62 Chrome has a highly polished, mirror-like appearance.
#52 Satin Nickel is burnished after plating for a softer, matte finish.



Battery Operated LED BTLED


14" Classic LED             24" Classic LED
BTLED14-1 Gold $ 160.00   BTLED24-1 Gold $ 230.00
BTLED14-51 Satin Brass $ 172.00   BTLED24-51 Satin Brass $ 230.00
BTLED14-61 Polished Brass $ 172.00   BTLED24-61 Polished Brass $ 248.00
BTLED14-71 Antique Brass $ 184.00   BTLED24-71 Antique Brass $ 248.00
BTLED14-81 Mahogany Bronze $ 160.00   BTLED24-81 Mahogany Bronze $ 240.00
Battery Operated Slim Line LED BSLED


14" Slim-LED             24" Slim-LED
BSLED14-51 Satin Brass $ 160.00   BSLED24-51 Satin Brass $ 270.00
BSLED14-52 Satin Nickel $ 194.00   BSLED24-52 Satin Nickel $ 304.00
BSLED14-71 Antique Brass $ 184.00   BSLED24-71 Antique Brass $ 282.00
BSLED14-91 Oil Rubbed Bronze $ 184.00   BSLED24-91 Oil Rubbed Bronze $ 282.00

Battery Operated Multi Task Light

The LED Multi-Task Picture Frame Light is a battery operated picture light with a built in picture hanger on the mounting clip, available in black or gold finishes. With 30,000 hours LED life and 24 Hours on 4 AA batteries (not included), the light offers flexibility of placement for your home decor choices.
Product Description Price Product Description Price
ALED15-1     15" Gold     $ 78.00                ALED15-7     15" Black     $ 78.00


Battery Operated Advent 7 Inch 
Product Description Price Product Description Price
AB-7-61     7" Polished Brass     $ 48.00                AB-7-71     7" Antique Brass     $ 48.00



House of Troy Hyde Park Picture Light

The Hyde Park Picture Frame Light is an affordable, modern looking, picture light, available in 8", 16" and 30" lengths. Finishes are Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Weathered Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

This light has a swivel for shade positioning, soldered seamless end caps, a paintable 8' ivory cord with hi/lo switch attached 3' from the plug, and offers easy installation to either the frame or the wall.

The 8" shade uses one 25 or 40T10F bulb; 16" shade uses two 25 or 40T10F bulbs; 30" shade uses four 25 or 40T10F bulbs.

Product     Description     Price          Product     Description     Price          Product     Description     Price
HP8-61   8" Polished Brass   $ 114.00   HP16-61   16" Polished Brass   $ 128.00        HP30-61   30" Polished Brass   $ 310.00
HP8-71   8" Antique Brass   $ 124.00   HP16-71   16" Antique Brass   $ 144.00   HP30-71   30" Antique Brass   $ 320.00
HP8-76   8" Weathered Brass   $ 124.00   HP16-76   16" Weathered Brass   $ 144.00   HP30-76   30" Weathered Brass   $ 320.00
HP8-91   8" Oil Rubbed Bronze   $ 124.00   HP16-91   16" Oil Rubbed Bronze   $ 144.00   HP30-91   30" Oil Rubbed Bronze   $ 320.00


The Slim-LED Picture Frame Light is a modern looking picture light available in 15", 29" and 43" lengths, in Satin Brass, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze. With a 50,000 hour bulb life, a 10' long white cord with in-line switch, and pllug-in transformer, the light is virtually maintenance free.
Product      Description      Price      Product      Description      Price      Product      Description      Price
SLED15-51   15" Satin Brass   $ 270.00   SLED29-51   29" Satin Brass   $ 416.00   SLED43-51   43" Satin Brass   $ 500.00
SLED15-52   15" Satin Nickel   $ 312.00   SLED29-52   29" Satin Nickel   $ 458.00   SLED43-52   43" Satin Nickel   $ 550.00
SLED15-61   15" Polished Brass   $ 270.00   SLED29-61   29" Polished Brass   $ 430.00   SLED43-61   43" Polished Brass   $ 520.00
SLED15-71   15" Antique Brass   $ 270.00   SLED29-71   29" Antique Brass   $ 438.00   SLED43-71   43" Antique Brass   $ 520.00
SLED15-91   15" Rubbed Bronze   $ 270.00   SLED29-91   29" Rubbed Bronze   $ 438.00   SLED43-91   43" Rubbed Bronze   $ 520.00
 House of Troy Advent Standard Picture Light

The Advent Standard Picture Frame Light is simple construction, moderately priced light. With many quality features, it is a reliable alternative. The light is available in 7" and 14" lengths, with Polished Brass and Antique Brass finishes. It has a Slide Arm for horizontal extension and adjusts 5" to 7" from the artwork, and has a white enamel Reflector, 8' Ivory Cord with In-Line Switch 3' from cord.

Product       Description       Price                      Product       Description       Price
A7-61 7" Polished Brass $ 38.00 A14-61 14" Polished Brass $ 46.00
A7-71  7" Antique Brass  $ 38.00  A14-71  14" Antique Brass  $ 46.00 

The Advent Profile Picture Frame Light is a slim modern design. The Profile light is available in a 16" length, with finishes in Black, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Antique Brass. Two 15T4 incandescent bulbs are included with each light. The shade removes for easy bulb replacement and rotates for light alignment. The black finish of the Profile light perfectly matches and compliments black and white artwork in black frames.

Product Description Price
APR16-52 Advent Profile 16" Satin Nickel Picture Light $ 60.00
APR16-61 Advent Profile 16" Polished Brass Picture Light $ 60.00
APR16-7 Advent Profile 16" Black Picture Light $ 60.00
APR16-71 Advent Profile 16" Antique Brass Picture Light $ 60.00
House of Troy Advent Profile Picture Light

House of Troy Advent Halogen Picture Light

The Advent Halogen Picture Frame Light is another slim modern design light. The Halogen light is UV filtered and gives off a more natural and whiter light. Available in a 16" length, the finishes offered are Black, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Antique Brass. Two 20 watt halogen bulbs are included with each light. The shade removes for easy bulb replacement and rotates for light alignment.
Product Description Price
APH16-52 Advent Halogen 16" Satin Nickel Picture Light $  102.00
APH16-61 Advent Halogen 16" Polished Brass Picture Light $  102.00
APH16-71 Advent Halogen 16" Antique Brass Picture Light $  102.00




House of Troy Advent Gemini Picture Light
The Advent Gemini Picture Frame Light is a modern style light that is perfect to illuminate up to a 3' x 5' area. This light is available in Black, Satin Nickel, Satin Brass and Antique Brass. A 50W Standard Flood light is included.
Product Description Price
AG-51 Advent Gemini Satin Brass Halogen $ 78.00
AG-52 Advent Gemini Satin Nickel Halogen $ 78.00
AG-7 Advent Gemini Black Halogen $ 78.00
AG-71 Advent Gemini Antique Brass $ 78.00
 House of Troy Classic Traditional Picture Light
The Classic Traditional Picture Frame Light is offered in Gold, Gold Wrinkle, Bronze, Pewter, Satin Brass, Statuary Bronze, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Weathered Brass, and Mahogany Bronze finishes. Lights with more than one arm have a UL-Listed pre-wired aluminum spliced box that hangs behind the artwork.

The light has a Polished Metal Reflector with a Ball Swivel for Shade positioning. The Slide Arm for horizontal extension adjusts from 5" to 7" from the artwork. With an 8' paintable cord, the In-Line switch is attached 3' from the plug, and the light is available in lengths from 4" TO 42".

Product Description Price
   8" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T8-1  Traditional 8" Gold Picture Light $    50.00
 T8-2  Traditional 8" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $    56.00
 T8-31  Traditional 8" Pewter Picture Light $    56.00
 T8-5  Traditional 8" Bronze Picture Light $    50.00
 T8-51  Traditional 8" Satin Brass Picture Light $    60.00 
 T8-56  Traditional 8" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $    56.00
 T8-61  Traditional 8" Polished Brass Picture Light $    70.00
 T8-71  Traditional 8" Antique Brass Picture Light $    70.00
 T8-76  Traditional 8" Weathered Brass Picture Light $    70.00
 T8-81  Traditional 8" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $    56.00
   9" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T9-1  Traditional 9" Gold Picture Light $    54.00
 T9-2  Traditional 9" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $    60.00
 T9-31  Traditional 9" Pewter Picture Light $    60.00
 T9-5  Traditional 9" Bronze Picture Light $    54.00
 T9-51  Traditional 9" Satin Brass Picture Light $    66.00
 T9-56  Traditional 9" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $    60.00
 T9-61  Traditional 9" Polished Brass Picture Light $    72.00
 T9-71  Traditional 9" Antique Brass Picture Light $    72.00
 T9-76  Traditional 9" Weathered Brass Picture Light $    72.00
 T9-81  Traditional 9" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $    60.00
  14" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T14-1  Traditional 14" Gold Picture Light $    60.00
 T14-2  Traditional 14" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $    70.00
 T14-31   Traditional 14" Pewter Picture Light  $    68,00 
 T14-5   Traditional 14" Bronze Picture Light  $    60.00 
 T14-51  Traditional 14" Satin Brass Picture Light $    78.00
 T14-56  Traditional 14" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $    68.00
 T14-61  Traditional 14" Polished Brass Picture Light $    88.00
 T14-71  Traditional 14" Antique Brass Picture Light $    88.00
 T14-76  Traditional 14" Weathered Brass Picture Light $    88.00
 T14-81  Traditional 14" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $    70.50
  18" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T18-1   Traditional 18" Gold Picture Light $   94.00
 T18-2  Traditional 18" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $  102.00 
 T18-31  Traditional 18" Pewter Picture Light $  102.00
 T18-5  Traditional 18" Bronze Picture Light $    94.00
 T18-51  Traditional 18" Satin Brass Picture Light $  104.00
 T18-56  Traditional 18" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $  102.00
 T18-61  Traditional 18" Polished Brass Picture Light $  138.00
 T18-71  Traditional 18" Antique Brass Picture Light $  138.00
 T18-76  Traditional 18" Weathered Brass Picture Light  $  138.00 
 T18-81  Traditional 18" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $  102.00
  21" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T21-1  Traditional 21" Gold Picture Light $  136.00
 T21-2  Traditional 21" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $  144.00
 T21-31  Traditional 21" Pewter Picture Light $  144.00
 T21-5  Traditional 21" Bronze Picture Light  $  136.00 
 T21-51  Traditional 21" Satin Brass Picure Light $  168.00
 T21-56  Traditional 21" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $  146.00
 T21-61  Traditional 21" Polished Brass Picture Light $  200.00
 T21-71  Traditional 21" Antique Brass Picture Light $  200.00
 T21-76  Traditional 21" Weathered Brass Picture Light $  200.00
 T21-81  Traditional 21" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $  144.00
  24" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T24-1  Traditional 24" Gold Picture Light $  158.00
 T24-2  Traditional 24" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $  170.00
 T24-31  Traditional 24" Pewter Picture Light  $  170.00 
 T24-5  Traditional 24" Bronze Picture Light  $  158.00 
 T24-51  Traditional 24" Satin Brass Picure Light $  194.00
 T24-56  Traditional 24" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $  172.00
 T24-61  Traditional 24" Polished Brass Picture Light $  232.00
 T24-71  Traditional 24" Antique Brass Picture Light $  232.00
 T24-76  Traditional 24" Weathered Brass Picture Light $  232.00
 T24-81  Traditional 24" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $  170.00
   30" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T30-1  Traditional 30" Gold Picture Light $ 214.00 
 T30-2  Traditional 30" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $ 222.00
 T30-31  Traditional 30" Pewter Picture Light $ 222.00
 T30-5  Traditional 30" Bronze Picture Light $ 214.00
 T30-51  Traditional 30" Satin Brass Picure Light $ 258.00
 T30-56  Traditional 30" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $ 224.00
 T30-61  Traditional 30" Polished Brass Picture Light $ 300.00
 T30-71  Traditional 30" Antique Brass Picture Light $ 300.00
 T30-76  Traditional 30" Weathered Brass Picture Light $ 300.00
 T30-81  Traditional 30" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $ 222.00
   36" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T36-1  Traditional 36" Gold Picture Light $ 248.00
 T36-2  Traditional 36" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $ 274.00
 T36-31  Traditional 36" Pewter Picture Light $ 274.00
 T36-5  Traditional 36" Bronze Picture Light $ 248.00
 T36-51  Traditional 36" Satin Brass Picure Light $ 308.00
 T36-56  Traditional 36" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $ 274.00
 T36-61  Traditional 36" Polished Brass Picture Light $ 356.00
 T36-71  Traditional 36" Antique Brass Picture Light $ 356.00
 T36-76  Traditional 36" Weathered Brass Picture Light $ 356.00
 T36-81  Traditional 36" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $ 274.00
   42" Traditional Picture Lights  
 T42-1  Traditional 42" Gold Picture Light $ 300.00
 T42-2  Traditional 42" Gold Wrinkle Picture Light $ 322.00
 T42-31  Traditional 42" Pewter Picture Light $ 322.00
 T42-5  Traditional 42" Bronze Picture Light $ 302.00 
 T42-51  Traditional 42" Satin Brass Picure Light $ 360.00 
 T42-56  Traditional 42" Statuary Bronze Picture Light $ 324.00
 T42-61  Traditional 42" Polished Brass Picture Light $ 406.00
 T42-71  Traditional 42" Antique Brass Picture Light $ 406.00
 T42-76  Traditional 42" Weathered Brass Picture Light $ 406.00
 T42-81  Traditional 42" Mahogany Bronze Picture Light $ 322.00
   Please call for pricing on 4" and 6" Picture Lights