We offer a wide assortmant of Nielsen® Metal Frames available completely assembled or by chop service (unassembled). The versatility of metal finishes available, and the colors offerred, open up a wide range of decorating possibilities, from traditional to modern style frames. Metal frames are the perfect choice for many types of art to be framed, especially for larger pieces, as their strength and durability are perfect for the job.

Adding corner ornaments, using textured mats, or hanging the frames with attractive fabric ropes or ribbons can all help create a more dramatic visual appearance with metal frames.

Round top frames are anodized finishes with durable painted finishes in a variety of colors. These frames are designed for durability with chip and scratch resistant finishes.

Flat top frames are available in a wide range of colors and are perfectly designed for photography and contemporary pieces. These frames are clean and have simplistic contours.

Specialty metal frames perfectly highlight art without overshadowing it. These frames are vibrant and inspired designs are easily created with these profiles.

Frames are sold empty. Hardware is $3.00 per frame, with glass and foam core backing also available at an additional charge. A three frame minimum order is requested to help us obtain offer the best pricing for your to avoid any small surcharge that might be added.

Give us a call and ask about our Wood Mouldings selections . . . we can help supply what you need.

Picture Frame Mouldings

Polycore, wood and metal picture frame mouldings are commonly used to cut & join custom made frames for both flat and three-dimensional artworks and objects.

Polycore Picture Frame Moulding has become the preferred choice for many people.  It is an economical alternative to wood moulding and comes in many profiles and finishes.  With Polycore, the look of wood is possible at a much lower cost, and because Polycore is lighter, shipping costs are lower as well.

Major benefits of Polycore moulding is that it is environmentally-friendly, being ozone-friendly, meaning it has no toxic fumes and is made with non-chlorinated gases.  It is also more effiient as producing 100 tons of polystyrene saves 300 tons of trees, and it is one of the most biodegradable of all plastic materials.

User-friendly is another great benefit.  Polycore moulding chops, saws, and nails just look wood, but glues in a fraction of the time. Combined with the fact that Polycore moulding is less expensive per foot than wood moulding, giving quality finished frames without sacrificing quality.

Storage:  Store Polycore mouldings horizontally, not vertically, and not leaning against the wall.

Cutting:  Saw utilizing a 60-tooth blade results in the best clean cut. Blade must be drawn as quickly as possible through the moulding in order to prevent the plastic from melting.

Chopping:  Treat Polycore as a medium-soft wood, and chop by utilizing multiple small cuts.

Joining:  A rear V-nailer may be used at a pressure that is utilized for medium-soft wood. Polycore may also be nailed at the corners, with putty placed in the holes, as is used on wood mouldings.

Polycore mouldings are also available in Chop Service (unassembled frames).

Measuring Mouldings

Each frame needs enough moulding to go all the way around the artwork

and extra moulding to allow for the mitered corners.

The basic formula governing moulding requirements is as follows:

(Height + Length) times 2 plus 8 times the Moulding Width

Moulding width is determined by measuring across the width of the moulding (including the rabbet).

The United Inches Chart calculates the footage required for a frame.

Polycore Mouldings