Spot Lights

Spot Lights and Mini-Can Lights give the opportunity to have light focused just where needed.  Whether shining on a favorite painting, a collection of memorabilia, or a special seating or activity area, they can provide just the right amount of illumination.  Both the Spot Lights and Mini-Can Lights come in Satin Nickel, White and Black finishes.

Table/Floor Spot Lights are 6" high with 10' cords 18" from the shade.

SP520-52     Satin Nickel     $ 74.00
SP520-7        White                $ 74.00
SP520-9        Black                 $ 74.00
      Bulbs Included (40R14N)

Can Lights

The Min-Can Lights are 6 1/2" high with 10' cords 18" from the shade.

SP510-9     White     $ 50.00
SP510-7      Black      $ 50.00
SP510-52      Satin Nickel      $ 50.00
Bulbs Included (40R14N)

Mantel Lights

The Mantel Lights is 4 1/2" high, 15" wide, and 3" deep,

with a 10' cord that exits from the back of the shade.

MA14-AB     Antique Brass     $ 180.00
MA14-B      Polished Brass      $ 156.00
MA14-MB      Mahogany Bronze      $ 156.00

Required Two Bulbs (Not Included - 25T10 or 40T10) = $7.40 Each